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If I only had a tail...

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Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:San Diego, California, United States of America
i am really cool. no really, i am.

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5'8", acrylic painting, angelina jolie, animals, aqua, art, art deco, asshole guys, astrology, aunt, avril lavigne, baby blue, back injuries, backpacks, balboa park, barbies, beach cruisers, beanies, beauty products, beetles, being an aunt, being babied, big cats, bike riding, blind date, blind dates, blowing bubbles, bob marley, boones farm, boys, brad pitt, britney spears, brooke, bubble baths, but i'm a cheerleader, caffeine, camping, candles, caramel apples, ceramics, challenges, cheese, cheesecake, chickclick, christian slater, christina aguilera, clubbing, coffee, complaining, concerts, cool water, cotton candy, cotton panties, crunch 'n munch, cubicles, cute panties, dancing, dave, derri daughtery, diamonds, diet dr pepper, diet pepsi, dieting, disney cartoons, dj's, documentries, dogs, drew barrymore, drugs, e, eating, elephants, estro,, family, fingernail polish, fiona apple, flowers, flying kites, fruits and vegetables, gay pride, giraffes, girls, god, greek food, groove, gwen stefani, hair dye, hair things, half baked, hating trucks, hawaii, hawaiian flowers, hello kitty, hiking, hobbits, holidays, honda civic, horseshoes, hot girls, hot pink, hot sex patty, hot tubs, ice cream, incense, italian food, jason mraz, jewish girls, kettle corn, kirstin dunst, kitties, las vegas, law and order, laying out, leopards, lisa loeb, looking cute, lord of the rings, lounging, low tide, madonna, make-up, manicures, marijuana, marissa tomei, massages, meat night, meowing, message boards, mexican food, michael jackson, microdermabrasion, moaning and groaning, more cheese, motorcycles, movies, mushrooms, national parks, nature, nicholas, nicholas cage, no doubt, norah jones, nuts and berries, oahu, oatmeal, packages, pedicures, peoria, peppermint schnapps, pepperoncini, photography, pick*y, pictures, piercings, pills, pink, pizza, plants, plastic surgery, politics, pop music, powerpuff girls, prescription drugs, presents, prince, puppies, purses, radio, radiohead, raspberry pucker, rav4, redbull, reese witherspoon, reggae, road trips, romeow, ryan sutter, san diego, sandalwood, saunas, seattle, sex, sharks, shaving, shiva, shoes, shopping, silver, singer songwriters, skateboarding, skater boys, skating, skinmarket, slippers, smirnoff ice, smokey treats, snoop, spice girls, starbucks, stars, steak n' shake, strangers with candy, strippers, sun ripened raspberry, surprises, swimming, tampons, the alphabet, the bachelor, the beach, the cardigans, the choir, the flame, the lion king, the little mermaid, the ocean, the real world, the wilderness, threesomes, tide pools, titanic, tom cruise, trance music, travel, tulips, vacationing, vanilla coke, vanilla vodka, vodka, walking, weight loss, wine
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